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Dr. Gufran Beig Portal
Dr. Gufran Beig Portal
Dr. Gufran Beig Portal
Dr. Gufran Beig Portal
Dr. Gufran Beig Portal

Visits - Dr. Gufran Beig

S. No. Period of Visit Institute/Country Visited Purpose of Visit
From To
 1.  15th April 2010 17th April 2010 Kathmandu, Nepal UNEP Integrated Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone Assessment meeting of lead authors
 2.  25th Feb 2010 26th Feb 2010 Geneva, Switzerland International Workshop on Mesoscale Modelling for Air Pollution Applications, WMO Secretariat
 3.  24th Feb 2010 24th Feb 2010 Geneva, Switzerland GURME Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) meeting GAW ET NRT Chemical data Transfer group meeting
 4.  25th Oct 2009 29th Oct 2009 Kyoto, Japan Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) meeting as SSC Member of "International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) project of IGBP
 5.  25th Oct 2009 26th Oct 2009 Kyoto, Japan IGAC-SPARC Joint Workshop "The One Atmosphere: Integration, Interface, and Impact"
 6.  15th Sep 2009 17th Sep 2009 London, UK Workshop "International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) IGBP: Future Directions", Royal Society of London
 7.  17th June 2009 20th June 2009 Paris, France Workshop on Linkages between Regional and Global Modeling and Air Quality and Climate Change AC&C Meeting
 8.  31st March 2009 3rd April 2009 St. Petersburg, Russia International workshop of UNECE/CLRTAP Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution
 9.  17th Nov 2008 18th Nov 2008 Pathumthani, Thiland International workshop on "development of methodology and database for Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC) emissions of selected countries in Asia
 10.  14th Oct 2008 15th Oct 2008 Hanoi, Vietnam Deputed in the workshop on "UNECE /CLRTAP Task force on hemispheric transport of air pollution"
 11.  6th Sep 2008 8th Sep 2008 Annecy, France Participated in the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) – Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) meeting and in 10th Scientific Conference of IGAC
 12.  9th Sep 2008 13rd Sep 2008 Saint-Petersburg, Russia Participated and chaired a session in the 5th IAGA/ ICMA/ CAWSES Workshop on "Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere"
 13.  May 3 2008 May 11 2008 Cape Town, South Africa 4th IGBP-Congress as Scientific Steering Committee Member of IGAC (IGBP)
 14.  July 3 2007 July 14 2007 Brescia, Italy Deputed to attend the General assembly of IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) at Perugia, Italy and to University of Brescia
 15.  October 17 2007 October 19 2007 Juelich, Germany Deputed to attend the TF-HTAP workshop on global and regional modeling for assessing hemispheric air pollution
 16.  January 22 2007 January 23 2007 Geneva, Switzerland IGAC-SPARC (WMO: World Meteorological Organization) workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
 17.  January 24 2007 January 26 2007 Geneva, Switzerland Joint Task Force on Hemispheric Transport on Air Pollution (TF-HTAP) workshop on Emissions Inventories and Projections for Assessing Intercontinental Transport
 18.  19 June 2006 23 June 2006 Les Diablerets, Switzerland Panel Review meeting of the "Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2006" of United Nations Environment Program of World Meteorological Organization, in the capacity of Expert Reviewer
 19.  4th September 2006 8th September 2006 Sodankylä, Finland 4th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Workshop on Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere
 20.  18 July 2005 23 July 2005 Toulouse, France Participation in 10th Scientific Assembly of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and aeronomy)
 21.  June 2005 July 2005 Hamburg, Germany Guest Scientist abroad: Deputed to Max-Plank Institute for Meteorology (MPIM) and worked as Guest Scientist to provide expertise in the area of regional and global atmospheric chemistry-transport modeling
 22.  28th June 2005 30th June 2005 Geneva, Switzerland To receive the World meteorological Organization award and to deliver the Norbert-Gerbier Mumm International award lecture
 23.  30th March, 2005 1st April 2005 Prague, Czech Republic Participation in Young Scientists Committee Meeting of the IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy)
 24.  June 10 2004 June 14 2004 Sozopol, Bulgaria 3rd international workshop on long term changes and trends in the atmosphere
 25.  June 2004 June 2004 Greece Quadrennial Ozone Symposium
 26.  July 1 2004 July 3 2004 Jülich, Germany Invited for Invited talk
 27.  May 12 2004 May 13 2004 Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany Invited for Invited talk
 28.  June 29 2003 July 11 2003 Sapporo, Japan General Assembly of IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics)
 29.  May 12 2002 May 18 2002 Kühlungsborn, Germany Heraeus Seminar on Trends in the Upper Atmosphere
 30.  March 17 2002 March 23 2002 Kyoto, Japan International Symposium on Equatorial Processes Including Coupling (EPIC)
 31.  August 19 2001 August 31 2001 Hanoi, Vietnam IAGA-IASPEI -Joint Scientific Assembly
 32.  July 2 2001 July 6 2001 Prague, Czech Republic IInd international workshop on "Long Term Changes and Trends in the Amosphere
 33.  July 7 2001 July 10 2001 Innsbruck, Austria 8th Scientific Assembly of IAMAS (International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences)
 34.  July 10 2001 July 14 2001 Amsterdam, Netherlands Global Change Open Science Conference
 35.  November 5 2000 November 11 2000 Mar del Plata - República Argentina IInd General Assembly of SPARC
 36.  September 1999 September 1999 Utrich, Netherland International Workshop on INDOEX
 37.  August 1998 August 1998 Seattle, USA Joint international symposium on Global Atmospheric Chemistry of CACGP -IGA
 38.  August 1997 August 1997 Prague, Czech Republic 2nd IAGA- Workshop on Solar Activity Affecting the Middle Atmosphere
 39.  August 1997 August 1997 Uppsala, Sweden 8th Scientific Assembly of IAGA
 40.  July 1997 July 1997 Melbourne, Australia VIIth Scientific Assembly of IAMAP
 41.  May 1997 May 1997 Toronto, Canada IGAC-SPARC-GAW Conference on Global Measurement Systems for Atmospheric Composition
 42.  December 1996 December 1996 Melbourne, Australia Ist SPARC-General Assembly
 43.  July 17 1995 August 15 1995 Boulder, Co., USA XXI-General Assembly of IUGG, National Centre for Atmospheric Research
 44.  July 1994 July 1994 Hamburg, Germany General Assembly of COSPAR (Committee of Space Research)
 45.  July 1993 July 1993 Yokohama, Japan VIth Scientific Assembly of IAMAP
 46.  August 12 1992 August 18 1992 Kyoto, Japan Int. Symposium on Middle Atmosphere Science
 47.  1989 1989 Reading, England Vth Scientific Assembly of IAMAP
 48.  July 2 1993 July 6 1993 Castle of Liblice, Czechoslovakia IAGA-Symposium on Solar Activity
 49.  Apr 9 1989 Apr 10 1989 Stockholm University of Stockholm
 50.  November 12 1988 November 16 1988 Melbourne, Australia SABOAC-II
 51.  July 1987 August 1987 Vancouver, Canada XIX-General Assembly of IUGG
 52.  August 1987 August 1987 Peterborough, Canada VIth Int.Symposium of CACGP on Global Atmospheric Chemistry


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