Technological Innovation

Development of "System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research" (SAFAR) for Metropolitan Cities

Nominee acquired expertise in coupled 3-D atmospheric chemistry-transport model to understand the role of chemistry in climate change with a focus on Indian subcontinent. This expertise has led to development of the System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) for the first time in India as well as in any developing country to provide the air quality forecasting services 24-72 hr advance with significant societal impact. The system has been successfully implemented for a Metro City Delhi which is dedicated to the nation prior to the CWG. This work attracted the worldwide appreciation which includes the "Certificate of Excellence" from WMO (UN) due to its application to the society and best of science. The system consists of establishment of dense network of air pollution and weather monitoring system, development of high resolution emission inventory, high resolution chemical-transport forecasting model and public interface to translate data to information.

A new concept has been developed for SAFAR which is called "AWADHI" (Air Quality and Weather- Assessment and Data on Hi-Tech-Digital India) -One stop shop for Metro Air quality and Weather information for all SAFAR stations in the country on digital media. SAFAR system generates the following 5 products for societal benefits as well as for scientific research:

  • Products (a Human Health & Agriculture Yield)
    • AIR QUALITY: Location Specific current and 3 days advance Air Quality Forecasting: Generate Air Pollution Maps at 1.5 km x 1.5 km resolution at city level.
    • WEATHER: Location Specific current and 3 days advance weather Forecasting: Generate weather Maps at 3 km x 3 km resolution at city level. 3-6 hr forecast –Nowcasting.
    • HARMFUL RADIATION: Location Specific current UV-index Information at city level. (New feature added for Pune)
    • EMISSION SCENARIO: : Generating emission load by various pollution sources at 1km x 1km resolution at city level.
  • Product Parameters
    • Particulate Matters (PM10, PM2.5), Hg, O3, NOx, CO, BC, OC, Benzene, Toulene, Xylene
    • Temperature, Rainfall, Humidity, Winds speed & wind direction, Ultraviolet Radiations
    • Severity of Pollution in Colour Codes (Green to Maroon)
    • Text and Advisories with severity (Good to Unhealthy Or Critical)
    • Severity of Pollution via Air Quality Index AQI) (Scale of 0-500, 100 is permissible limit)
    • Emission Scenario of city from anthropogenic sources at 1 km x 1 km resolution
    • SMS Alerts on Extreme Air Quality and Weather Conditions
    • Dynamic Web-Portal –Online Air-Now and Air-Tomorrow Service with Weather
    • Severity of UV-Radiation for Skin via UV-Index (Scale of 1-10, 3 is permissible limit)
  • Benefit to End user
    • Protecting Human Health
    • Planning of agricultural crop yield benefit
    • Awareness on Impact of AQ and weather
    • Basis for mitigation strategies to protect Human health
  • Scientific Research
    • SAFAR provides a unique data set as well as model simulated concentrations of various chemical species of the atmosphere for detailed scientific study in the field of atmospheric chemistry along with short term climate change.